Hi friends!


I wanted share a little life update from our Mimi Vie family! We've been taking a break from new releases lately because we have some exciting news....


We're moving to Tampa, Florida! We finished up our time in grad school at UNC Chapel Hill--the best and craziest 8 yrs of our life--and Luke was offered a great job in Tampa. We are grateful, and so happy. And will also need at least as many years of therapy to recover lol #phdlife. We are as sad to leave Chapel Hill as we are excited for new adventures in Tampa, and can't wait to be beach bums in eternal summer and never wear shoes again.


All of this is to say that all Mimi Vie operations are being moved to Florida! We have some really exciting things coming up, and can't wait to continue serving you #fancycomfy looks from the sunny shores of the Gulf Coast.  Thank you so much for being here, and for making this amazing community what it is!  With you, this whole thing is way fancier, comfier, and a whole lot more fun ;).


xo Julie


P.s. stay tuned for a major restock, and some pretty new arrivals coming very soon...


P.p.s. here's a little photo dump from a recent "we're moving and are not prepared AT ALL but a goodbye photo shoot thrown together in about 20 min seems necessary" moment ;)


 1. Proof that North Carolina is BEAUTIFUL


2. Proof that our children survived the free range parenting borne of Dad getting a PhD and Mom starting a small business all at the same time 


3. Proof that our marriage survived 10 years of grad school (and we even kinda still like each other)


4. And I'm sorry but LOOK AT THOSE TROOPERS


Thanks again for being here, and for making Mimi Vie what it is!  We couldn't do this without you, nor would we ever want to!

June 17, 2021 — Julie Drake

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