Best Looks of NYFW Spring 21

Bonjour my fellow fashionistas! 

I have good news.  Remember how we've all been drowning in the Covid river of fashion-less misery the past few months?  Well Tom Ford (+ an amazing assortment of designers) just threw us a v ruffled life preserver--fashioned in delicate floral prints--and a pair of spring green floaties (puff sleeves save lives!) to match.  Praise be (vie!).

A very virtual NYFW commenced and concluded this week, bringing with it both customary spring hues and an applaudable array of florals, as well as some lingering hints of F/W with splashes of moody styling and brooding tones.  Needless to say, it was an all-around good time that noticeably lifted spirits (and hemlines! Mais oui!). 

Hats off to Tom Ford (CFDA board chairman) and the exceptional presenting designers, for filling our souls with hope, and our itemized lines with future sartorial indulgences.  IMHO actual spring 2021 can not come soon enough!

And now, without further ado, here are a few of our favorite lewks:



The pretty colors and extra extra styling characteristic of Rodarte (more is more is more!) always gets us right in the 🦋❤️ (butterflyheart).  Loving these retro-whimsical looks:


Rodarte Ready to Wear Spring 2021

yes.  yes we do


Ulla Johnson

The Boho but-make-it-chic Queen of Fashion herself never (like, ever) disappoints.  Ruffles on ruffles on ruffles is *always* the right choice:


Alice + Olivia

A perennial favorite, CEO and creative director Stacey Bendet is a master of color+print.  This lacy, feminine stunner--if "take me, I'm yours" were an outfit--is sure to bring all the boyz to the stay-at-home yard.  *warning: keeping a 6-foot physical distance may be mission impossible

Alice + Olivia Spring Summer Ready to Wear 2021



Cinq A Sept

Sending our hearts a flutter with the springiest green and the fluffiest shapes, Cinq A Sept is giving us the hope we need right now.  Visions of crisp spring nights at the hottest spots--covid-19 a far distant memory, like that bad dream wiped away by a lover's kiss a la nuit--filled our minds watching this show. 

Cinq A Sept Ready to Wear Spring 2021

Cinq A Sept Ready to Wear Spring 2021


Rosetta Getty

File this under "what we hope all loungewear looks like in 2021."  Rosetta Getty, you get us. 

Fancy nightgown, anyone?

Regina Getty Ready To Wear Spring 2021


 Badgley Mischka

A favorite fashion maison of A-listers, Mark Badgley and James Mischka are spelled G-L-A-M.  And we are here for it.  This tone on tone stunner has the sleeves of our dreams and a svelte sillhouette to boot.  Keep it saucy, people!  *personal advice we imagine B+M gives to those in le circle #blessed

Badgley Mischka Ready to Wear Spring 2021


Tom Ford

This looks clearly speaks for itself, so we're finding ourselves a little speechless at this point.  Except: Nobody does it like Tom Ford.  *also never say no to a matching set. oui oui!

Tom Ford Ready to Wear Spring 2021


Anna Sui

Sweet Anna Sui is nothing but a breath of fresh air, year after year.  Easily one of our most-looked-forward-to shows at NYFW!  Her bubblegum punk take on quarantine dressing has us all heart+star eyes.  If every day in quarantine looked like this, I'm afraid we'd be out of things to complain about.  And that would really be a shame. 

Anna Sui Ready to Wear Spring 2021

"Chill baby" the unofficial official phrase of a post-covid, post-election 2021

Anna Sui Ready to Wear Spring 2021

Anna Sui Ready to Wear Spring 2021



Cult-favorite Khaite is back at it again with their #mood and their #drama and their #fashun.  Had a teensy bit of a difficult time assessing the actual #fashun bc le show was v artsy and you can literally only see about 17% of each garment.  Nevertheless, it was beautiful, and inspiring, and secured the label's iron grip on my heartstrings for yet another season.

Khaite Ready to Wear Spring 2021



Oh, Zimmermann.  Our forever love.  If human-to-fashion-label matrimony were a thing, we'd be first to the courthouse, eponymous gown adorned.  So many reasons to be eternally entwined with this beloved Australian label, not the least of which is that if, heaven forbid, we ever succumb to lovers' quarrels, we gone leave with half. *Zimmermann we would NEVER leave you it was just a joke ilysm

Zimmermann Ready to Wear Spring 2021

Zimmermann Ready to Wear Spring 2021


the end. wake me up in spring 2021. le sigh!

September 18, 2020 — Julie Drake

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