Another Life Update

Another year, another Drakeynesian life update.  (And, evidently, another Drakeynesian move;).  After moving from Chapel Hill, NC last summer--& spending an uninterruptedly blissful year in Tampa, FL--our clan is moving once more: from the incomparably beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast, to the majestic mountains and sweet desert air of Salt Lake City, UT.  And we couldn't be happier.  Well, if we could somehow bring the beach, the "winter," and the delightful hospitality of the South with us to Utah, then, we would, undoubtedly, be even happier.  



But, until then, we are really, decidedly pretty happy with our current situation.  



Luke is settling into his dream job as a professor of ancient things: Greek, Latin, gladiatorial Rome



(a position that will take us on a year-long Middle Eastern study abroad every four years, no less!), the kids are settling into new school and new friends, and I am settling into the formidable fashion landscape of the west.


Card-carrying Valley girls


Which, at times, feels as different from it's east coast analog as their respective time zones denote: just as we are waking up in the west, our eastern counterparts have already answered 10 emails, gone on a hot girl walk, picked out a hot girl outfit, and given up on a hot girl makeup tutorial one quarter of the way in (full acceptance at this point that we will never learn to contour).  



Needless to say, it's hard not to feel a little behind the instant my eyelids fly open these days.  But, alas, what we westies lack in a head start, we make up for in spades with a "follow your bliss," ease over hustle, transcendental yogi girl mindset (God bless YouTube Yoga--& First Name Only--Queen, Kassandra).  






Needless to say the transition is going well.

All of this is to say, THANK YOU for hanging with us through one of the most chaotic--and fun!--summers of our life.  We're so grateful you're here.  We have so. many. amazing things in store for this Mimi Vie community, not the least of which is a *final* restock of the bangin', total sellout collab with forever queen Bethany Ciotola, very soon.  Like very, very soon.  So stay tuned my friends.  

And, if you attempt any makeup tutorials between now & then... 



xo Julie

P.S. stay tuned for the eagerly anticipated and *final* Bethany Ciotola restock, coming soon!!

P.P.S. countdown to New York Fashion Week is on... watch for the community favorite this/that rundown on IG stories beginning Sept. 9!

September 01, 2022 — Julie Drake

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