Best Looks from NYFW Spring '23

'Tis the most wonderful time of the year butterfly babes!  That's right.  New York Fashion Week is in town and we saved you a front row seat.  Hot tip--Spring '23 is gonna be a banger.  Whether pastel hot pants are your vêtements du jour, or an elegant limoncello suit is de rigueur for spring, there's something for literally everyone this szn--and we're covering it all!  So sit back, relax and soak up some serious inspo with Mimi Nation's top 9 picks for spring.  *All photos from Vogue Runway

First up...

Proenza Schouler

Nothings screams spring like a flowy, cheery, painfully elegant limoncello suit.  Wide leg.  Silver filigree buttons.  Tailored to perfection.  It's like a refreshing raspberry sherbet on a warm spring day.  With sprinkles.  And extra lemon sauce.  C'est parfait!


In its second season, not only did AnOnlyChild prove it is immune to the sophomore curse, the label positively hit it out of the fashion ballpark #sports.  Truly.  If there was a Cy Young award for fashion, this look would have it clinched.  Sheer sheer lace top with fluted (& belted) hot pants... yikes.  Fashion grand slam.  Spring '23 hall of fame.  World Series Queen!

Carolina Herrera

If the Oprah moms weren't screaming already, they certainly are now.  In our Fashion's Favorite Things ep, this lewk is near the very tippy top of the list.  Sleek, sexy--with the perfect touch of whimsy--the perfect LBD has *finally* arrived.  And it wants to make you the literal belle of the ball.  Je suis mort.  If you need a statement pièce de résistance for your next spring fling, look no further than Wes Gordon's sartorial masterpiece en noire.  


Ladies and gentlemen.... Her.  In Coach '23 Spring.  Is it.  I'm telling you.  No one's asking, but if we have anything to say about it, this is what all the girls will be wearing for spring.  Powder blue mini dress, Peter Pan collar, Dorothy energy mary janes... we can't think of anything more perfect.  Or more je ne sais quoi.  Or more like a need than a want.  


A maxi w/a cardi for spring.  Groundbreaking.  Mais oui!!  It really is, and we heart emoji it. Perfectly petal pink maxi gown (avec alluring cutout), but put a bejeweled cardi on it, because spring is a fickle amour when it comes to temperature regulation.  Hence our obsession w/this fancy comfy lewk.  Hence our inability to stop thinking about it.  Hence our need for Adeam Spring to arrive quickly, leaving winter in its pretty little dust.

Gabriela Hearst

Word on the street is that the word on the street at Gabriela Hearst Spring is joy.  And we would have to agree.  And also add sensuous, slinky, chic untouchable goddess.  *worship pose*  We are not worthy.  We don't know much, but we do know this: all we wanna do is wear this nonstop next S/S.  To the beach, to the club, dinner on the pier, neighborhood car wash, cool momming at Target.  Never taking it off, never not wearing it, never w/o our 24/7 cool girl uniform for spring.  *top of our game era* 


Batsheva has always had our number when it comes to cutest 'n quirkiest, but this collection...  no.  Arrête.  It's too charming!  Sheers and prints and ruffles and bows... le sigh.  And, can we say, Mimi Nation loves a mint moment?  Cause we do.  Add the petal pink midi skirt with matching tresses?  *pounds gavel* the jury is in!  Guilty.  Of being our actual favourite.  *case closed*


Hi Markarian, Carrie Bradshaw called and said she totally approves of this truly extraordinary periwinkle moment.  Like, were they actually channeling Her when they dreamed up this heavenly confection of a dress?  Because wow.  The fit.  The flare.  The buuuustier.  Ugh.  It's too perfect.  C'est magnifique!  No way the Markarian girl isn't getting every single thing she wants from here on out.  Just hand it over, Universe.

Brandon Maxwell

Helllooooo ladies & gentlemen ok I think we're done here.  Turn off the lights, everyone can go home.  We've found the one.  Three three word phrases: pretty white tee, sparkle boyfriend cardi, scalloped sequin skirt.  Also palest lilac blazer.  Also call an ambulance.  (five phrases).  We are positively deceased!  Add this total knockout of a model, and there's just no contest.  Game, set,  (fashion) match.  *dedicating our lives to Brandon's servitude*


And that, my friends, is a wrap on NYFW!  Spring '23... we can not wait.  May you arrive quickly, and last for a fashion lifetime (abt 4 months).  springfashionislife!!!


xo Julie

November 03, 2022 — Julie Drake

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