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Hey girl

Have you ever put on old, less-than-flattering loungewear or pj's and suddenly felt like a different person?  Like somehow the amazing, fabulous *real* version of you morphed into a shapeless, uninspired couch potato?  And then someone walks in and is like “what’s that potato sack on the couch” and you’re like

It me.

I feel you girl.  

I used to feel like that all the time.  Frumpy. Blah. Uninspired. And I knew I couldn’t be the only one.  So one night, I yelped--out loud, in my potato sack--“No more!”

And it was like I was saying it to myself, and to YOU, babe.

No more. 

No more feeling frumpy, and blah, and uninspired by clothes that don't deserve you. You deserve to feel fabulous and amazing all the time. I’m talking 24/7 Babetown.

That’s where you live.

And because you're here, reading this right now, I think you're ready...

"Mimi Vie pieces are so beautiful, unique, amazing quality and make you feel so elegant!"
- Susanna P. (Mimi Vie customer)
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"I love the prioritization of comfort AND style, like feeling cute is important--even if it's just for you"
- Devin P. (Mimi Vie customer)
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"I love that they have pretty sleep/loungewear that I can wear in front of my in laws. Haha. Everything just has a lovely romantic feel to it and makes me feel so special"
- Alexandra D. (Mimi Vie customer)
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